Spring tides

The crew in Plum Island doing creek import/export measurements realized that work on the marsh is a bit different with spring tides. The marsh started to flood, and it was still more than an hour off of high.  High tide found them knee deep.         

Sampling in the dark

Mikala is investigating how water draining high and low-elevation marsh influences metabolism (production and respiration) in estuarine waters. This had us out at 2:30am to catch the maximum ebb tide draining 4 tidal creeks. Navigating Plum Island at night is a trick! Mikala filled BOD bottles with water from the creeks and placed the bottles […]

New Summer Crew

We started off the 2016 field season with a trip to Plum Island Sound in May.  Diana, Mikala, Brian, Olivia, Arielle, and Mary joined Drs. Sutter and Weston for a week of marsh field work.

NSF Sediment Project Funded

Tidal marshes are productive ecosystems that provide key services to society such as carbon sequestration, storm surge buffering, and water-quality mitigation. The long-term stability of coastal wetlands is explained by interactions between sea level, plant growth, sediment supply, and wetland accretion, but coastal wetland stability is threatened by land use change and accelerating rates of […]

We got the drone!

We acquired a drone to facilitate aerial photography and change over time analysis of the Plum Island Ecosystem research site. It’s also a lot of fun to fly!