Mary Zawatski Defends Her Thesis!

Mary Zawatski successfully defended her thesis “Carbon Exchange and Sediment Deposition in a Heterogeneous New England Salt Marsh” today.  Mary has compiled an amazing data-set over the last two years that required multiple trips to Plum Island to measure ecosystem gas exchange.  This is also the first graduate defense in  the Weston Lab and in the […]

Sediment Exclusion Experiment

After a pilot installation, we installed the full-scale sediment exclusion experiment in the Delaware River in summer 2017. At two tidal marsh sites in the Delaware (Dividing Creek and Dennis Creek), we installed 3 sediment exclusion plots and 3 control plots. Each plot consists of a surface elevation table (SET) and 4 marker horizon plots. […]

Tidal Creek Import/Export

We continued our tidal creek import/export measurements during the 2017 field season.  We’ve measured the tidal exchange of materials (water, sediment, carbon, nutrients) several times at high-elevation and low-elevation marsh sites, to understand if marsh geomorphology influences the exchange of these materials. Eric installs sampling equipment at low tide at the start of an import/export […]

Floating Chambers

We’ve put effort into understanding the verical marsh-atmosphere exchange of CO2 (through both chamber measurements and eddy covariance towers), and the later exchange of carbon through the import/export measurements, but we wanted to evaluate the vertical exchange of C between the aquatic system and the atmosphere. Mikala’s project this summer was to measure CO2 (and […]

Winter Metabolism

We visited Plum Island for a winter sampling in March 2017.  We got our wish: a frozen marsh! Chamber measurements with ice over the collars yielded very low measurements of CO2 change, but we did observe some respiration. We can call our research vessel an ‘icebreaker’ now!  I’ve never needed to break through ice in […]

Sediment Exclusion Experiment

We visited our pilot sediment-exclusion plots in the Delaware River in November 2016.  The plots had been installed in May 2016, and we weren’t sure how well they’d stand up after 6 months.  We were also measuring surface elevation tables (SETs) installed at several locations at the field site. The field crew: Arielle, Maddee, Brian, […]

October Import/Export

We conducted tidal creek import and export measurements in mid October on the four sites we’ve been working on during 2016.  Daylight is in somewhat shorter supply this time of year, though the tides still take about 12 hours.  So we had to get out to the sites while it was still dark, work through […]

Early fall sampling 

We took a quick trip to Plum Island for an early fall CO2 gas flux measurement.     Brian, Mary, and Alec are measuring CO2 exchange between the marsh and the atmosphere. This work will be compared to the gas flux measurements made by the eddy covariance tower shown in the background, and allo is to […]