Kristen Jezycki defends her thesis

Kristen Jezycki successfully defended her MS thesis “Assessing Heavy Metal Pollution in Estuarine Systems Along the Eastern United States in Relation to Land Use Land Cover Changes” on May 7. This is the culmination of an immense amount of work over the past two years. Congratulations Kristen!

Graduate Wetland Field Research Course Visits Plum Island

Six graduate students in the Masters in Environmental Science program at Villanova University visited the Plum Island research site in coastal Massachusetts in October 2018. Conducting lateral exchange measurements at a tidal creek site over an 11-hour tidal cycle. Conducting dawn and dusk metabolism transects along the 24-km Parker River – Plum Island Sound estuarine […]

2018 Graduates

Congratulations to the 2018 graduates! The Weston lab is especially proud of undergraduate students Olivia Cacciatore (grad school at University of Florida), Diana Lampasona (position with ESRI), and Mikala Jordan (grad school at the University of Utah), and graduate students Elise Rodriguez, Alec Davis, and Mary Zawatski (shown in picture during graduate ceremony), who all […]

Elise Rodriguez successfully defends

Elise Rodriguez successfully defended her thesis “Land cover impacts on mineral sediment delivery and accretion rates in tidal wetlands” on April 20. Elise combined Pb-210 counting from cores taken in systems along the East Coast with an in-depth GIS land cover change analysis to evaluate how sediment delivery and accretion rates are linked. It’s an […]

Mary Zawatski Defends Her Thesis!

Mary Zawatski successfully defended her thesis “Carbon Exchange and Sediment Deposition in a Heterogeneous New England Salt Marsh” today.  Mary has compiled an amazing data-set over the last two years that required multiple trips to Plum Island to measure ecosystem gas exchange.  This is also the first graduate defense in  the Weston Lab and in the […]

Sediment Exclusion Experiment

After a pilot installation, we installed the full-scale sediment exclusion experiment in the Delaware River in summer 2017. At two tidal marsh sites in the Delaware (Dividing Creek and Dennis Creek), we installed 3 sediment exclusion plots and 3 control plots. Each plot consists of a surface elevation table (SET) and 4 marker horizon plots. […]

Tidal Creek Import/Export

We continued our tidal creek import/export measurements during the 2017 field season.  We’ve measured the tidal exchange of materials (water, sediment, carbon, nutrients) several times at high-elevation and low-elevation marsh sites, to understand if marsh geomorphology influences the exchange of these materials. Eric installs sampling equipment at low tide at the start of an import/export […]

Floating Chambers

We’ve put effort into understanding the verical marsh-atmosphere exchange of CO2 (through both chamber measurements and eddy covariance towers), and the later exchange of carbon through the import/export measurements, but we wanted to evaluate the vertical exchange of C between the aquatic system and the atmosphere. Mikala’s project this summer was to measure CO2 (and […]