Sediment Exclusion Experiment

After a pilot installation, we installed the full-scale sediment exclusion experiment in the Delaware River in summer 2017. At two tidal marsh sites in the Delaware (Dividing Creek and Dennis Creek), we installed 3 sediment exclusion plots and 3 control plots. Each plot consists of a surface elevation table (SET) and 4 marker horizon plots. This will allow us to measure change in marsh elevation, surface deposition, and plant biomass over time, and relate how these factors are influences by the availability of suspended sediment in the water flooding the marsh at high tide.

Installation of the silt-fencing to exclude sediment in an experimental plot.

Kristen is installing a SET table using a demolition hammer.

Elise takes a turn hammering.

So does Mikala.

Mikala and Diana install feldspar marker horizon plots.

Brian, Maddee, and Diana get initial SET readings.

A complete plot with 4 marker horizons and a central SET anchor.

Everyone is muddy and tired after the experiment installation!