Student Projects

Masters Theses (Completed Theses are Available as pdf files)

Student Title Dates
Andrea Stumpf “Storm deposition of sediments on salt-marshes: Elevation capital or disturbance?” 2018-2020
Sandra Demberger “Carbon sequestration in salt-marshes along the U.S. East Coast” 2018-2020
Kristen Jezycki “Heavy metal pollution histories as recorded in salt-marsh soils tied to land use change along the U.S. East Coast”


Miranda Cento “The role of changing salinity in mediating methane production and oxidation in tidal marshes”


Mary Zawatski Carbon exchange and sediment deposition in a heterogeneous New England salt marsh


Elise Rodriguez Land cover impacts on mineral sediment delivery and accretion rates in tidal wetlands


Alec Davis Examining the susceptibility of marshes to sea level rise and identifying potential risks to coastal communities 2016-2018

Undergraduate Theses

Student Title Dates
Olivia Cacciatore “Riparian vegetation and stream nutrient content; possible remediation using artificial floating islands” 2017-2018
Mikala Jordan “Gas exchange between the aquatic portion of tidal marsh ecosystems and the atmosphere” 2017-2018
Danielle Radomile “Well-pads, pipelines, and roads as land use changes in the Marcellus Shale hydraulic fracturing region” 2015-2016
John O’Connor “Sediment accretion rates and carbon burial in Barnegat Bay, NJ” 2015
Brian Donnelly “Iron reduction rates along salinity gradients in mid-Atlantic and Louisiana estuarine systems” 2015
*Michelle Velez “Heavy metal contamination in vegetables grown in urban gardens” 2013-2014
Michele Wiedersum “Radium-226 as a potential indicator of surface water contamination from hydraulic fracturing wells in Northeast Pennsylvania” 2012-2013
Michael Lang “Denitrification in tidal marshes along a salinity gradient in the Delaware River Estuary: Implications of salt water intrusion for an important ecosystem service” 2012-2013
Jennifer Roche “A comparative analysis of green insulation techniques” 2012-2013
Margaret Garcia “A path to remediation: The effects of crude oil on salt and freshwater marsh sediment” 2012
Cynthia Troy “Effects of salinity, toxicity, moisture and temperature stress on nitrous oxide production in agricultural soils” 2012
Nicole Poletto “An assessment of heavy metal accumulation history in the Delaware River Estuary” 2011-2012
Andrew Galtieri “The dispersal of radioisotopes due to routine nuclear power plant operation” 2011-2012
Angela Bagnasco “New urbanist development plan in West Philadelphia” 2010-2011
Tatjana Prsa “Impact of rising sea levels and salinity intrusion on the metabolic activity and community composition of sulfate reducing bacteria in tidal freshwater marsh sediments” Fall 2008

Undergraduate Theses

Undergraduate Projects

Student Title Dates
Diana Lampasona “Tidal marsh elevation and wetland mapping using an unattended aerial vehicle” 2017
Mikala Jordan “Air-sea exchange of greenhouse gases in a tidal salt-marsh system” 2017
Thomas Boland “Land use and water quality in headwater streams” 2017
Arielle Massillon “Sediment availability and tidal marsh accretion rates” 2017
Paige McNamara “Fecal coliforms in a constructed wetland” 2017
Mary Rose Makoski “Methane oxidation along salinity gradients in two estuaries” 2016
Naomi Ng “The role of advertising in promoting environmental consciousness” 2016
Kevin Corbusier “Sediment Import/Export Analysis of Shad Creek, Plum Island, MA” 2015
Matthew Hanagan Quantifying Aquaponics: The Effect of Blue Tilapia on Plant Biomass Production 2015
Sarah Petro “Analysis of growth and violations in hydraulic fracturing activity in Northeastern PA” 2015
Gerard Ondrey “Salinity and nitrous oxide: The effects of road salts on N2O production in Villanova University’s constructed wetland” 2015
Andrew Hotchkiss “Evaluating hydraulic fracturing impacts on baseflow in streams in the Marcellus Shale region” 2015
Emma Chudwick “Community Supported Agriculture and Urban Food Deserts” 2015
Emeka Ndichie “Mortality of ghost shrimp during a simulated oil spill and dispersant application” 2014
Connor Supple “Examination of N and P concentration in Eastern PA watersheds with varying land-use” 2013
John Devine “The effects of hydraulic fracturing on the conductivity of streams in the Susquehanna River Watershed” 2013
Molly Haggerty “Ecosystem services in a constructed wetland: Sediment retention and denitrification dynamics” 2013
Andrew Bigelow “Analysis of How Changes in Transportation Habits can alter Carbon Dioxide Emissions” 2013
Christofer Denny “Fracking Up the Susquehanna” 2013
Allison Pepper “The effects of hydraulic fracturing on surface water in the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale region: An analysis of heavy metals and major ions” 2013
Stefan Goodridge “The green economy” 2011
Andrew Gordon “Gamma-emitting radioisotope contamination of drinking water in the Marcellus Shale natural gas extraction area of Northeastern Pennsylvania” 2011
Michael Mangiante “Land-use effects on phosphorus and nitrogen dynamics during a storm event in a Pennsylvania stream” 2011
Kara Chatham “Examining the impact of Mount Pinatubo ash on seawater micronutrient concentrations” 2011
Eric Au “Effects of saltwater intrusion on bio-available organic matter in marsh soils” 2011
Luis Dominguez “Observing concentrations of nitrates and phosphates in the Rio Grande at dams from the Rio Grande Reservoir, Colorado to the American Dam, El Paso, Texas” 2011
Si Xue Lin “Land  use and mutualism: investigating intercropping pairs” 2011
Michael Patson “Mineralization in two wetlands” 2011
Neil Mehta “The microbial degradation of crude oil in fresh and saltwater marsh soils” 2011
Justin Stephens “Acidification dynamics of mountaintop peatlands in response to N, SO42-, and Fe deposition in the Endless Mountains region, PA” 2010-2011
Justin Meschter “Delivery of sediments and heavy metals to tidal marshes along the Delaware River Estuary” 2009
Michael Gill “Minor-watershed phosphate and nitrate levels as a function of population density in Chester County, PA” 2009
Angela Bagnasco “Childhood environmental education: A study on the effects of a zoo on environmental awareness” 2009