Maine Sampling Trip

We visited tidal wetlands in the Kennebec River in coastal Maine as part of our survey of wetland accretion rates along the East Coast of the U.S.  We collected 10 deep cores, along with above- and below-ground biomass and RTK-GPS data. The trip was very successful, and it was an adventure. We gambled on getting out of an embayment before low tide, and lost – spending about 4 hours waiting for the tide to come back in. That plus some serious fog, driving rain, a creepy motel, and 6 foot swell in a small aluminum boat made for a memorable sampling trip!

Brian taking a marsh core for measuring wetland accretion rates. 

Mary is getting ready to sample biomass. 

Mikala getting ready to take a GPS measurement of a sampling spot. 

Unloading soil cores from the boat. 

Hanging out during low tide – waiting for the tide to come back in.